A major part of BCF AVOCATS' identity is its proximity with its clients, truly apprehending their business and the challenges involved.

Created in 1984, the firm has been a witness to evolutions in regulations and business climate, as well has the constraints induced for all economic players..


Because the business world is not divided into legal categories, BCF AVOCATS chose, from the beginning, to prefer client relations to a more restrictive over-specialization.

This flexibility allows for an extended accompaniment of our clients, be it purely professional, or more personal issues, as well as transversal problems.


Thanks to its capacity to deal with transversal issues and because the legal framework is in perpetual evolution, BCF AVOCATS is constantly adapting its methods to its clients’ needs.

New markets, new problematic, transversal issues, flexibility and a result-driven approach are for BCF of paramount importance.


The BCF AVOCATS firm is committed to accompanying its clients in their every need or preoccupation.

From the moment a file is opened and throughout the entire procedure, our lawyers are always there to listen to their client and to defining the best strategy, the actions to be taken, and the appropriate fee structure.


Decisively open to the world, the BCF AVOCATS law firm acts as a link and a facilitator carrying its clients’ activities and aspirations towards development on an international scale.

Founding member of the EEIG EURAVOCAT, a close network of European firms, and with many connections in Asia, the firm’s partners and associates, benefiting from international profiles, efficiently advise their clients abroad.