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BCF Avocats

Creating a great proximity with corporate clients’ executives and management, whether they be start-ups, SMEs or STIs or subsidiaries of large French or Foreign groups is in our DNA.

The creation of the EEIG EURAVOCAT in 1988 reinforced BCF AVOCAT’s international outreach by regrouping medium-sized firms well implanted in the major European cities. This structure is still operational and efficient today. Our firm also has numerous partnerships outside Europe (America and Asia).

Christian Colombier

Founding partner


BCF AVOCATS law firm was created in 1984, developing great knowledge of the different areas of business law, with a strong and recognized expertise in foreign trade.

Our firm benefits from an excellent understanding of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region’s economic field and moreover of industrial and commercial subsidiaries, both domestic and foreign.

BCF AVOCATS’s predominant areas of intervention are industry and more specifically metallurgy, plastics, construction materials, the printing industry, transportation as well as services, for both the original and sub-contractors.

Our firm accompanies SMEs and STIs as well as the subsidiaries of large international groups, offering a local and global approach at controlled costs.

Thanks to our international openness and our repeated interventions in foreign implantations or bilateral-trade operations, our firm is able to assist companies in all aspects of their international development.

Our firm benefits from a large network of partner firms in different geographical zones, for optimal responsiveness.

BCF AVOCATS is one of the founding members of the EEIG EURAVOCAT GROUP which regroups law firms from the main European cities.

The network of partner firms that BCF AVOCATS has developed in the Asian and American continents is particularly dense and is what distinguishes BCF from others.

Business Ethics


BCF AVOCATS makes sure to understand its clients’ needs and preoccupations.

Our lawyers remain available to its clients in order to define strategy and action together, with total transparency.


BCF AVOCATS has built its identity on a very close proximity with corporate clients and their executives, and has therefore developed a good understanding and knowledge of their activities and the stakes involved.

Established in 1984, the firm has been witness to evolutions in the legal fields as well as in the economic world and its complications.

Aware of the necessity to provide concrete solutions at sustained optimized cost, its lawyers always favor the client’s short- and long-term interests.


New markets, new problematics, cross-cutting issues, BCF AVOCATS strives to get its clients the best results.
BCF AVOCATS is constantly evolving to respond to the needs and goals of its clients.


Because the business world is not split up into legal categories, BCF AVOCATS has chosen, from the beginning, a more horizontal approach to problems rather than a restrictive specialization.

Our flexibility enables us to provide a broad range of services for our clients, ranging past the professional to some more personal problems that affect executives et managers (real estate, inheritance…)


International at its core, BCF AVOCATS knows how to identify the ways in which businesses can expand outside national borders.

As a founding member of the EEIG EURAVOCAT, a European legal entity created in 1988 and still operational today, BCF AVOCATS possesses numerous contacts in Europe as well as America and Asia.

The firms partners and associates have the knowledge to help clients in their operations and implantations abroad as well as foreign businesses in their implantations and operations in France and Europe.

Fee policy

The legal fees constitute the usual compensation for the work lawyers provide.

BCF AVOCATS has chosen to operate a completely transparent fee policy.

Each new client signs a retainer agreement with the firm to allow him to anticipate the cost of the services that will be provided.

In general, the legal fees solely depend on time spent on interventions.

In certain particular cases, the legal fees can depend on the results obtained in order to lighten the costs of fees during the ongoing judiciary procedure.

If needed, an estimated budget can be drawn up.

In other cases, we offer packaged and customized services.

Time-spent based fees

The firm’s average hourly rate is 300€/H (excluding VAT). It is 320€/H (excluding VAT) for international services.

These hourly rates can, however, be lowered depending on the repetitive nature of the client’s needs.

Clients’ can ask for a detailed summary of the services rendered and time spent with an estimate of the costs associated.

Contingent fees

A law firm’s fees cannot legally depend on results. Thus, our fees always include a flat-rate initial retainer.

Depending on the nature of the case, the contingent fee can be a percentage of the client’s gain, avoided loss or any other attained goal.

Packaged fees

When an accurate estimate of the actions that will be taken and the services provided can be established, we can offer our clients a global package of legal fees.

Data Protection Act

BCF AVOCATS implements the processing of personal data for the management, invoicing, follow-up of its clients’ files and only keeps the data for the necessary duration and for the operations for which they were collected as well as in compliance with enforced regulations.

In this manner, customer data is kept for the duration of the contractual relationship plus 3 years, except for retention obligations or limitation periods.

In terms of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, the data is kept for 5 years after the end of relations with BCF AVOCATS.

In accounting terms, they are kept for 10 years from the end of the accounting year.

Under the conditions defined by the Data Protection Act and the European Data Protection Regulation, individuals have a right of access to data concerning them, rectification, interrogation, limitation, portability, deletion.

The people concerned by the processing implemented also have the right to object at any time, for reasons relating to their particular situation, to the processing of personal data having as a legal basis the legitimate interest of BCF AVOCATS, as well as a right of opposition to commercial prospecting.

They also have the right to define general and specific directives outlining the way in which they intend to exercise, after their death, the rights mentioned above, by e-mail to the following address : or by postal mail to the following address : 74 rue de Bonnel, “Le Bonnel-Part-Dieu” building, 69003 Lyon, including a copy of a signed identity document.