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Transportation, Logistics & Customs

The disciplines of transportation, whether by land, sea or air, logistics and customs require specific expertise, given the legal, regulatory and normative constraints, national and international, which must be mastered and which often require rapid action.

BCF AVOCATS has the necessary skills to deal with issues relating to transport, logistics, customs and related activities.

Our interventions cover the following areas:


    • National and international transport contracts
    • Commission agent contracts
    • Transport documents
    • Relations with principals and subcontractors


    • Contracts relating to deposit, storage, handling and transit operations


    • Customs warehouses
    • Obtaining approvals
    • Import VAT
    • Intra-EU regulations


    • Damages and wrongdoings
    • Conservatory appeals
    • Legal pleas
    • Subrogation recourse against liable third parties or between successive carriers
    • Criminal liability
    • Arbitration